Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

More B-Days...

Happy Birthday hoorah

Yo! Matt. Now the thing is... Mat prol'y wont see this but that is totally fine. He's a non-updater… As much as I'm writing this for him, I'm also writing this for you... 'cause in the words of one angst ridden, long haired, canadian sing'en girl... "you oughtta know!"

Matt is a devoted hubby man to a wonderful woman and a dedicated father. He's having a b-day... (may you revel in gratuitous sexual favours!!) He's served his country in the most honorable ways… setting an example as a loving, caring father and as a member of the armed forces (and I'm not talking desk-job here!).

Let me just say, Happy Birthday Matt and know that it is my sincere wish that you continue to find the strength to carry yourself forward in the battle to be the father you deserve to be.

While I am forever aware of how small a slice of the "real person" is available to lj friendships, everything I have read from you and shann makes it a no-brainer that you are a good and honest man that deserves no end of breaks. May this year bring those good breaks to your door… just remember to open the door to them.

Peace bro!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Matt, Happy Birthday to you!

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