Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

wohoo... gee
Ok, so i've been geek boy for-ever and I've been do'en message boards for fun for years but I just never did the whole irc deal ... still don't. My neices do irc all the time and love it... any ways that's off topic. I went on someones irc chat client tonight and actually had live chat time with a live journal friend. kinda neat.
Z is getting a cold... Z does not much like LJ lately... I lob a few comments about some of the really amazing and wonderful things that go on in this universe (lj) but they are usually met with derision... so, I'm sorta dropp'ing the effort to get her into it or know much about it.

I guess it's just us now... although I'm pretty sure she reads it every now and then to make sure ... well to make sure of something.

I'm off to bed ... day 6 comming up! I love you people ... your very supportive and all very interesting - or maybe I'm just easily pleased... although I'm not normally so maybe you are actually interesting.

So, does lizvang look really cool or what?

ps. I've been itchen to tell you a story. This time its not about me or Z but about one of my LJ friends... it's a pretty cool story but it's at a bit of a climax so I'll wait till tomorrow and see how something pans out... then I'll get into it.
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