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ahhhhhhhhhhhhg! and a big fat ug! I can't get into my mail account - the one the livejournal is hooked to. It's amazing how much mail I plow through... and how good it makes me feel. and now that I can't get it... Well, have I mentioned that I want a smoke lately? CAUSE I DO! Ok, I'll stop, that must be getting old, but FUCK!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK. <- just a little clue as to how I'm feeling.

However, not a single solitary puff in 5 days...

I think if all goes as planned somewhere between 12: and 1:pm on Wednesday my coworkers are going to hear a small pop from my work area and when they come to check they will find that I have exploded! (owww that will be messy ... yuck)

I remember - about a million years ago - there was this Sunday night radio show in Ottawa on CHEZ 106 dedicated to blues music. The jock was Brian something... any ways, I was working as a line cook in a steak restaurant (The Keg) and I called in to request a tune by ... umm... wow, I cant for the life of me... who was that? the song was "how how how" (those are supposed to be the noises how how how not the words how how how - old black guy sitting outside playing this tune on his guitar and singing... if you saw the movie you know the scene BUT ITS NOT ON THE SOUNDTRACK. Something to do with the guys record label... any ways, Brian gives me the emotional finger on the phone when I call in to request this song (I knew the singers name ... ) saying it was not on the soundtrack and I must be mistaken... Then the next week he apologized to me on the air and played the tune. He had found the tune ... I felt like a million.

Now, whos going to 'name that tune' and 'the artist?'
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