Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So the b-day party that geo went to yesterday... for his 10 year old cousin... included this "event" run by my sister... she has this business with a friend and they do parties, schools, etc.
(psst. click the little pics!!!)
It's all about introducing kids to electronics...

Each young'en gets to pick a "kit"...

No fooling now, they really have to solder carefully and assemble components on a circuit board... way cool!!

Geo, who still refuses to look normal in a picture, was having a blast...

and did a great job!!

He made this thing that has a bare wire attached and an insulated wire with a hoop at the end (also attached). The idea is to move the hoop over the other wire without touching...

Any hoo... just felt like sharing that...
or else it makes this evil noise... a lot like the game "operation".
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