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Hey... busy day... but's it's winding down slowly. I was banging away at a doc for a Fed department that I would otherwise be happy to name except that I'm also about to say the target audience is a total moron!!!! At the meeting that got this project going my boss had to kick me under the table cause she was sure I was about to reach across the table with my words and grab his soon-to-be-completely-gone hair and smash his forehead into the conference table top. You know, one of those tongue lashings your just dying to give idiots you deal with in the RW. But I didn't and instead I had to write this big ass report for them.

Half way through my day I get a call from my biggest current client (CCRA) letting me know, umm... could you come to HQ on Thursday and give a 15 minute slide show and question period to all the technocrats (geek managers) on the holistic values of system and performance monitoring for applications and hosts... Um, sure, yea I can squeeze a couple of days of prep time into an already totally overbooked week ... ahhhhh! Oh, well I can do this, just so long as I'm not in jail for hurting somebody 'cause of this periodic freak attack my body's been going through. Oh and by the way, anybody got a smoke? Come on... just one. please ... waaaaaaa.

Can I ask a small favour? Just sorta stop for a second and real quiet like whisper to yourself "I hope things get great for Tala!" shhhhh No seriously, just do it. The whole concept of good vibes is part of what makes us different from dead people, besides all that heart beating stuff... be alive, send a good vibe for me. Thanx in advance.

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