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We watched AI last night... basically this is kind of an "in need of prozak" version of Blade Runner. An interesting movie to watch... both for the visual intensity, the acting and story but it definitely qualifies for the descriptive term "Disturbing".

~ the Saturday UNIFORM...
~ big comfy red sweatshirt, sweat pants
~ oversized sox and black ftls...
~ my sister does this "Mad Lab" stuff... she runs little "Electronics Clinics" for young kids... they make motion detectors, mini radios, etc. out of these kits... My SIL is holding a clinic as part of a birthday party for my nephew... I'm taking Geo to this... he's a bit young... the other kids will be around 10. So I'll help Geo with the Soldering Wand, etc.
~ Same sister is babysitting tonight... so Z and I are going out to dinner ... we'll see what else we do later.
~ well, I'm feeling all deep and wordy... so I'm kinda wishing for chances to run off at the fingers into my journal... :D
~ also, a Lj friend twilightsm has been through a rough time of the last er... two months... and I wanted to send out a good vibe... she's an exceptionally "real" person in journal land and it would warm my heart to see some friends drop in on her to wish her well.

The local video store has these Scooby Doo DVD's of kinda new'ish feature length cartoons. I picked one up (7 day rental) for Geo. The boiz are watching it now. I was absently cleaning up in the kitchen when - honest to god - I heard Velma (thelma?) call Fred on the issue of why he always pairs off with Daphne... in front of Daphne... no really. I mean, this is a little kids video right... sheesh. Any ways, everybody knows Velma's a lesbian and that Daph's a ho! ... So what's the big question?

Oh and speaking of Lesbians... Z has to get up soon... she has a busy morning... she has to go visit a woman (plays for the other team, so-to-speak) and talk about cat poop. Go figure.

Have a good one me-amigos.

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