Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Yea... well, not a great start to the day... cccccccold. Furnace kinda gave up last night. So the wake up zone was heavily populated with shivering kids and waiting on the phone for a service co. to say they'd call z before they came out... Z has to work on Thursdays and Fridays... fortunately she works just a few minutes from home. Me? I entertained the notion of working from home but - besides spending the day shivering.... I didn't bring the notes home I need to prep that report... grrrr.

Time to spin... you know... spin around two times and try and re-start my engines. This time with a smile.

~ it's a swish swish day! (wearing my really noisy parachute material cargo pants) basically sounds like I have a big pair of snow pants on...
~ k, I'm wearing a nice v-neck sweater (has suede shoulders) but I'm wearing a point-zero shirt... and, er.. those noisy pants? yea, they're p-z's too... so I'm basically a marks-work-world catalog model today... :D
~ write a report for work... all kinds of cool stuff in this one.... blech...
~ write the Survivor update! (fun!)...
~ with all of my heart that my friends in LA for the bash take really good care of each other!!
~ to send a shout out to a new friend... Hey queenveets.
~ that some good breaks would pop out for my friend ectv... Shan's good people and things with the work zone have been really unfair lately.
~ to just say that I love's me my Christina... er, incarnation... had me howling with laughter over this... she posted that in the thread where I mentioned the Miami Vice theme song...
~ that my personal sugar (Z) has great day and that the trip to the house to meet the service guy works out... I love you baby...

ps. the spins working... :D

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