Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

For my friend, sunshine_two: An X-Files Review.

Well now that Agent Dogging-It is an official x-file dude, we get a classic episode… one of those non-big-picture-plot episodes that goes for the gusto to gross you green. It worked. I'm green.

This time it's a bat-man - and clearly not a caped crusader.

Don't you just love how predictable this show is? "Hmmm I hate this character… I'll betcha he gets killed." So we meet detective-gonna-get-killed (GGK) at the anytown-usa crime scene. Crime? Human remains horribly mauled… someone's going down for performing various "indignities on a human corpse". So GGK guy diss'es Scully and talks to the dog man. We hate him already.

Note: camera man finds three chances to hold still on scully's stretched button on her shirt in the now very standard effort to convince the viewer that scully has a figure.

Scully and Dog-boy are hunting great big being that leaves single foot prints every twenty feet (flys or big jumper), has four toes, eats body parts then regurgitates them (we were eating home baked choc chunk cookies fresh from oven as this is revealed… yummmm!) and leaves anti-coagulating solutions in the wounds of its victims… and this is, of course "something that is only done by Bats!".

GGK guy is a big dopey scully-diss'en local politics hack that deserves his fate… which of course is being shredded by villainous anti-coagulating yucking bald thing. This goes down quite nicely, thank you very much.

Overall plot treatment: 40 years ago, dude is involved in capturing (but loosing again) human-bat killer thing. Dude hides with his bride 'cause everybody else in on the 'capturing' part is getting killed. His bride, now an old lady, dies and is sent out of hiding to be buried. Everybody that comes in contact with her body dies - why? Cause they're all passing on the smell of hiding dude and bat-yuck-bald-thing is still out for revenge… Scully and Dog-boy track down hiding dude and end up emptying clips into bat-yuck-bald-thing but it gets away. Now they are the hunted (haunted) ones…. The end.

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