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Big things on my little mind...

Something pathetic: I really really want a smoke - I'm at the end of day 4? or 5? - and this "stage" feels all depressed like... sort of a "waaaaaa I want a smoke" thing.

Something cool: I think my new optical intelimouse is the coolest thing. Zebra and I both have one and when we leave the office the lights are out, the monitors fade to power saving mode and there's the groovy red beams of light slicing out behind out mice... plus they work great too!

Something deep: How fun is this place? I'm getting more worthwhile friendships here than I have in RW for ages.... sure, I have some awesome friends in RW but I'm a year down the road after leaving that Gov Job for private sector work and this was a huge move... 14 years worth of relationships etc. gone! and, and, ... well, I don't know where I'm going with this - I'm kinda extroverted (my coworkers would be killing themselves at that... ) and make friends at work etc., but the important part is "worthwhile friends"... friends here seem ... awww fuck it... I love you guys, you make me feel great and that's all there is to it!

Something geeky: My little P90 in the basement running linux for a firewall on my cable internet feed is running a full sendmail client, apache web server, is an official nameserver for the net and holy crap would the @home people have a freak if they ever bothered to notice.

Later lj

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