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A Frosted Booby Birthday!!

** Happy Birthday nbbmom**

Ho's yer daddy?
~ grin.

Look at the stars...
Look at how they shine for you...
Everything you do...
Yea, they were all yellow.

Today is Kym's birthday... you prol'y already know that. You know she's famous right? She's an On Air Talent and the Music Director for a cool radio station in Virginia. Think "Andy Travis spliced into Dr. Johnny Fever from WKRP in Cincinnati" and then morph them into circa 1985 Jacqueline Bisset (movie era "The Deep")... and ye got Kym.

Her radio station used to be streamed on the net... but alas, no more. Every time I hear a great song on the radio my brain wants to hear Kym's voice when the song ends.

She has brought so many simple but important slaps of reality into my world and brought them to me with the kindness, grace and compassion that only the very best among us can bring to the table. For all of my days I will carry a love for this woman tucked away in my heart - and best of all? When ever I hear good music that love will climb to the surface.

All of my hopes are focused on you having a wonderful time in LA at the Bash and that this fantastic vacation kicks off the best year of your life. May you and lil'Nicksters walk through the valley of happiness with friends, family and lovers at your side. You know I will most definitely be among them. When you feel a tingle at your neck… when goose bumps rise along your shoulder… that will be my spirit walking with you.

Smile sugar shack… somebody loves you.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dearest Kym , Happy Birthday to you!

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