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Grapefruit: I am a grapefruit. Big, squishy, sweet, best consumed with a spoon and when you squeeze me, to get every last drip of juice, I may just squirt a little in your eye. Which citrus fruit are you?

~ black / kinda-treacle brushed cotton jeans
~ blue t
~ big comfy warm turtleneck.
~ to spend the day on the phone and bouncing around between my office and a client site.
~ at 3:00'ish I have to start the next "active tune" test (like last Saturday morning) with this client... this translates into 3 hours of high stress geek explosions with about 6 phone-lines linked up in a conference call.
~ to introduce you to susan0406... If any part of your lj exp is framed by the idea that your friends make you smile, then this girl is for you. It starts with her smiling face on her icon and goes from there... go say hi.
~ I could bitch slap Chris Carter for a couple of hours. What the hell was that X-Files?
~ the guy sitting beside me on the bus had gone pee before he left the house... his legs just a bopping like nutz... sheesh...

Do you live in Atlanta? sarababe does. So does cybersweetie (don't you?).. you guys should be friends... :D
(Note: It's a good thing I don't live in Georgia... beautiful as it is there... I'd prol'y call everyone Peaches.)

K... gotta get busy writing a birthday wish one of my best lj friends.... :D

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