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Good morning LJ... as usual I'm a little sleepy today. Today will be a great day (after I wake up!).
I have the desirable circumstance of being in position to look all smart and geeky to the people that decide how $$ money I get to split with the government on a big project and I will relish every minute of it... (yeah).
As for the freak'en sandbox, we sticken with the stupid circle and now I'm going to make a hexagonal 'wood' frame around it... This does mean that I'm going to have to do more high school math to figure out the lengths and angles... Does anybody else remember being in a high school math class and screaming in your head "when the hell am I ever going to use this!????" I should make a poster out of the finished product (no matter how goofy it looks) for math teachers to display. I'm accepting suggestions for the poster 'caption'!
- c ya
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