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G'day lj ...

It's snowing to beat the band out there.... (my cam is pointing out the window at home...). It was decidedly "spring like" out there yesterday.... but now? It's all winter.

We had a blast at the hockey game... The clients that the big cheese types from work were schmoozing warranted good eats... so we had fajitas, chili and tacos. The game was hilarious... we won but the big part was the fighting... I man, Ottawa is not a rough and tumble hockey team, but Florida was pick'en fights left right and center. The last few seconds of the game were overshadowed by the sudden break out of four different fights... that went on a few minutes after the game ended...

The cake was in-tact when we got to my SIL's house... so we could all have cake together... (downside: kids having big sugar freak at 8:30 pm!!) However, it was delicious!!! Oh and I made it with "granular sugar" or "natural sugar" or whatever... I forgot to mention that yesterday... I'll post a recipe later.

~ black ftl's (you know, the Haines just don't hold it all together like the ftl's)
~ dk gray/blue dress pants
~ blue mock (mock mock) neck long sleeve
~ tek-x v-neck sweater
~ a punk-ass layer of snow
~ an hour of research asap, then off to a client site for the day (grrrr)
~ this "testing tools" contract is kicking my ass...
~ to send out a great big BAVH5 (big assed, virtual high 5) to my buds that are starting to eyeball the suitcases... LA is a few days away and I hope you all have a fantastic time... take lots of pictures so us side-liner's can be properly jealous!
~ um... well, did you know that raylenetaskoski has gorgeous feet? She does... look here! (and luker? shaaadupyermouth! lol)
~ the very biggest and the very best of good luck and warm wishes (although she'll not see this message) to drsuessrox.... Maggie's waters broke this morning and she's off to mess with her family census data!!! wohoo... my thoughts are with her.

S'later amigos...

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