Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

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Ok, had (that was "had") the makings of a serious SRH today, but that's no longer the case now is it!

Laundry is in, I'm about to go vaccuum crazy and no I did not get to go back to sleep ... Zebra has a sore throat and I'm letten her sleep (like this is some big niceness on my part hahahaha... nothing was getting her out of bed.)

I have lots of little project like things to keep me busy - and hopefully get me through the cravings.

Watch the Toronto Santa Clause Parade! ... watch for lizvang holding up a LiveJournal.Com sign! (anybody remember all the banners that flew over the Big Bro house advertising dot.coms? hahaha) I hope she gets air time with that sign.
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