Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


The smell of garlic is sneaking around my house and finding all the hidden places... :D

We had a fantastic dinner... zucchini, red peppers, broccoli, chicken, rice, salad and all zooped up with yummi sauces and, of course, garlic.

We went to IKEA today... Z kinda lost an argument with that desk she bought last week...
Reason number 37 why I love big stores... No hassle, no question returns... and we bought another one. But we couldn't get out of there with a simple return/replace deal... nooooo... it's IKEA after all...

Hey... listen.. Fantastic news... (well, for me any ways...) But his lordship weee Edward - on his own, mind you - elected to use his potty for a poop! Three times!!!!!! Oh sweet lord let this be the big change... let us finally be free of wet wipes and pull-ups...

... well, the kitchen is clean, the kids are soon-for-their-beds and I think we're putting a desk together... and watching Moulin Rouge again... I've been belting out lines from songs (from the movie) all afternoon... :D "It's a little bit funny...."

yea...ok... I'm boring... :D

Well, at least I'm still working on that story... you know... the bedframe story...

And there will be much Lj checking tonight.

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