Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

... dark A

Time - I think - to go and watch Dark Angel... but first, six things...

~ We had pizza tonight... went to Boston Pizza... not so special but I was STARVING so I powered it back... with *gasp* root beer.

~ Ed likes root beer... I know, he's 4 ... he can burp like a gastro-dynamic truck driven ol'boy... his little face kinda ripples like any "extra" that burps in Mo's Bar on the Simpsons... Middle of dinner... :P

~ Tropicana All Natural Orange / Grapefruit combo juice is fantastic. Quick go get some and drink it all... I did...

~ you know... I am almost exhausted from being so "up" all week... and today was kind of a bag-of-shit day at work... grrr and I have to work tomorrow... early.

~ I miss indianasweetie...

~ my nails are fucking perfect...

la8er sk8ers.

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