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Morning lj...

bad boys, bad boys... what cha gonna do...
Why is that white person smiling? Z was daring me to make these totally messed up goofy faces for the cam... I was cracking up... and we ended with this... however, I think I'll have to have an embarrassingly goofy faces week soon. I mean, I got a really bendy face. :D

~ um, white (again)...
~ blue jeans,
~ 3WV white T shirt. (wondering about new 3wv shirts...)
~ corp logo denim shirt.
~ quick hit at my office then off to a client site for most of the morning...
~ my desk for the afternoon... with the corto werk-cam.
~ to book train tickets for the April trip to TO.
~ for a speedy recovery for a little kitty cat, holed up in with a sweet woman and her family in sunny South Africa. Get well soon Otis.
~ that I get time to work on my wee-bit-of-fiction... grrrrr! :D

The WWF is brining Smack Down to the local stadium this weekend? or is it next? Either way, I won't be there... however... the ad running on TV is priceless;
"If your idea of a cultural even is large sweaty men in spandex, we have the show for you!"
Gotta love truth in advertising.

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