Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


The sheer volume of sarcasm that lives here (lj) is just phenomenal... and - of course - it's been spilling over into my real world like Niagara falls...

Stopped, in traffic, at a red light...

George: "Dad? are we there yet...?"
Me: "Yup... take off your belt and hop out!"
George: "huh? DAD!!! Look out the window... theres car's everywhere!"
Me: (looking at an incredulous Z who is staring back...) "Um, George, look, I was kidding and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I'm being all sarcastic and teasing you... It's just that you just asked me if we were there yet while we stop at this traffic light about 85 seconds after pulling out of our laneway... "

No, seriously though... I'm WAY WAY too sarcastic with the kids... they're going to get is shit all the way through high school and it's gonna be all my fault... :D
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