Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well we made it there and back in one piece... u'h... the "back" part would be better described as "one wet piece"...

The sugar bush is, well here! It's a 40+ minute drive away when the traffic is light. There was no crowd and the weather was warm and toasty... (for winter, that is...)

The thing is, after you've been to a sugar bush a couple of times, it wears thin... but the kids had a blast and that's why we went right? Melting snow and ice puddles all over a big play structure, a sleigh ride through the woods to see all the sap collecting tubes... watching the sap boil in the sugar shack... (haha "sugar shack" !!!) Maple Syrup Taffy... and more wet play.


oh... NOTE: Survivor is ON TONIGHT!!! Not tomorrow
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