Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Long night... up too late and fitful in bed... then? why morning of course... with two kids bonking me on the head saying "play".

Stumble, stumble, stumble... no really... I'm out of it today. Must have a bucket of coffee and a shower...

~ "everlast" sweat shirt / hoodie...
~ sweat pants...
~ k... shower, shave, dress
~ roust Z from sleep
~ feed the rats kids
~ pile in the van and head to the sugar bush...
~ I had a brain... then I'd have at least gone to be earlier...
~ for a little sweet relief to sneak up on drsuessrox... she's so ripe (preggers) that she's about ready to burst... :D
ps. mags? I've watched very closely as my Z went through this ... twice... you'd be surprised how many people just totally understand everything you're feeling!!

Hey... It's hump day... any plans for that today? Humping I mean. :D
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