Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

good morning... goooood moo-ooooraaaaning...

Every time (as another journaler pointed out recently) I hear "good morning" I can't help thinking about that guy dancing to work in the viagra commercial.

No work today... no work tomorrow either... :D

~ a big green house coat...
~ this will change... :D We'll see what happens after a shower....
~ shower... definitely a shower... shave? oh yea...
~ on making the last changes to a friends resume... (soon sugar).
~ errr... maybe doing a little sumthin for lakme (~ grin)
~ convincing the kids to enjoy "individual play" for a while... (zzzzzzzzz)
~ to send out a big thanks to kitiara for being such a sweet heart...
~ I get to hear dee-dee's voice again sometime...

I hope my friends have a great day today... (and yes, I know how to spell grate versus great - IAMTHEWORLDSWORSTSPELLER... :D)

So many amazing good vibes... randy vibes... crazed happiness... seemed to be infecting my friends list yesterday. I hope it carries on today as well... and if not? watch out for the backlash.

La8er sk8ers... :D
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