Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

good morning lj... so begins day 3. squirt'en med's into an unhappy kitty (she's all embarassed about having a bandage on... it's all cute and sad at the same time watching her try to hide from the boiz... but they just want to give her a hug!)

Somehow, I will make it through today without any smoken, token or whatever. I dreamed BIG TIME about smoken some really sweet tasting hash last night... go figure! oddly enough in my dream i was doing a hot knife - something I have not done in 20 years! - and suprise suprise, in my dream I was not coughing up a lung after each hot knife... something I seem to remember doing forever ago.

I read some stuff on lj today that practically makes me wanna be all goofy weepy - it is so nice that people can be that giving with warm emotions.

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