Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj.

It's sunny and really quite beautiful out today... but man oh man is the wind cold. Brrrrr...

~ black ftls
~ beige / pale greenish dress pants
~ dk green micro fiber nip shirt. (a poppen we will go, a poppen...)
~ beige and black v-neck sweater
~ trial install of some apps at my desk then off to a client site to do the same thing...
~ some writing...
~ a bucket full of documentation to read.
~ for the peace of confidence and comfort the find it's way to my friend ladyfire
~ to send a shout out to a new friend wbahner
~ more than anything, that lj was searchable. I mean, I wish you could search your own journal, like submitting a keyword via a post using a special LJ tag that auto-generated a reply from the system with all the keyword hits referenced by date and time and/or subject.

Cinnamon... an often under-appreciated spice.
She stands alone, sometimes on a special shelf away from the other spices... sometimes standing among them.
In her pure form, she is clearly not sweet but cable of bringing out the sweetness of anything she comes together with.
Indeed, this pensive, free spirit of a spice, for all her worldliness, class and distinction... is possessed of a singularly unparalleled ability to wear sweet and make it it's own.
That is to say, her sweet is never fake... and always rather unique.

Cinnamon, however, can be a lonely spice.
With loneliness can come the unwelcome partner, sadness.
I have taken a special jar - a pretty decorative jar - and premixed cinnamon with sugar.
Both the pure and the sweet stand together with the other "most special" spices and whenever I open that cupboard I think to myself; "The Cinnamon in my world will never be lonely so long as I have anything to say about it..."
Cinnamon is just too precious to take for granted. She deserves all the care I can shower upon her.
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