Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


so... I'm kinda awake...

It is so freakishly windy outside that I can hardly believe it... it's been this way all night... well, there was a lull there around 3-4 but I'm talking rattling the front of the house kinda windy... I'm guessing the beautiful warm day from yesterday has been all together "blowed away".

~ dark maroon sweatshirt
~ old ripped jeans...
~ um... that's it... oh, wait... comfy sox.
~ nephew b-day party for dinner...
~ other than that... general cleaning...
~ you had some idea how much I love that gnome-girl... :D geez she's a riot.

Z got up with the boiz this morning... at whatever ungodly hour they awoke... but we went to be (don't laugh) at 4:35... so "getting up" really just means changing sleeping location... I got up at 9:30 and put her back to bed. Ed and I have been sword fighting ever since... well, between coffee making and forcing english muffins on the boiz... :D

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