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So I saw billijeans asparagus post ...
but I haven't read it yet...
I did get some inspiration from a talk we had though...

Dinner tonight rocked serious sox... and, because I'm feeling into it... I'm going to present the complete meal preparation here.

This takes about 25 minutes to make from start to eat... and it was just fantastic.
The end product is a dinner of sweet chicken, garlic asparagus and "new" mini white potatoes;

~ chicken... thawed chicken breast... one per person your cooking for (approx)
(so just buy a package of boneless chicken breast - or save some coin and get it with the bone on and cut the meat from the bone yourself)
~ a dozen tiny little "new mini potatoes" (at least! to feed two people...)
~ some fresh garlic
~ a couple of carrots
~ a bundle (bunch?) of asparagus
~ salt, brown sugar, soya sauce, basil, vegetable oil, plum sauce, honey.
~ two sauce pans, two fry pans (not small)
ps. when I say "teaspoon" I basically mean... "some" ... ya know...

Step one:
~ set the table!
~ wash and put the potatoes in a sauce pan with a half inch of water on the stove with the lid on! (no, you don't peel them... they're really little) Turn up the heat high... As soon as it makes some noise, turn it down to "min".

Step two:
~ cut up the chicken into chunks and put it in a bowl. Add a teaspoon of oil, a half teaspoon of soya sauce, a teaspoon of brown sugar, dash of salt, dash of basil, teaspoon of plum sauce, teaspoon of honey... This is good for one or two breasts... (no jokes) but "up it" a bit if your cooking several breasts worth...
Stir all this in a bowl and set it aside...

Step three:
~ wash (cut off the bottom inch) the asparagus and put in a sauce pan with a half inch of water on the stove on high- Lid on. When it makes some noise turn it down to "min".
CHECK THE POTATOES... they're making noise by now so turn 'em down.

Step four:
~ chop up a couple of cloves of fresh garlic... (I recommend cutting 'em up versus a garlic press, but whatever ya like) and set aside.
~ wash a couple of carrots really well... maybe peel the ugly off.
~ use the "peeler" to just "peel those babys into shreds"... just keep peeling... you end up with a pile of carrot ribbons... Chop them up a bit so their not really long. Set aside.
~ turn on both fry pans to medium heat.

Step five:
CHECK THE ASPERIGUS... it's prol'y making noise, so turn 'em down.
~ pour the chicken from the bowl into a fry pan... it'll sizzel and you'll want to use a wooden spoon to stir it a bit... cook the chicken for a bit and stir... it'll look done when it's done... it should take about 6 - 10 minutes tops.
~ put some butter (a good chunk... maybe three teaspoons...) in the other fry pan... it'll start to melt.

Step six:
~ toss the chopped garlic and carrots into the fry pan with the butter.
~ pull the asparagus (it's all bright green by now and still a bit crunchy) out of the water (it's been in the water after you turned down the heat for about 5 minutes) and put it in the fry pan with the carrots, etc.
~ try and mix it up a bit in the fry pan with the asparagus and the carrots... it won't be easy 'cause the asparagus is kinda wonky...
~ let it sit there...

Step seven:
~ drain the potatoes... they're done. Put 'em in a nice bowl and onto the table...
~ dump the chicken from the fry pan into another bowl and "onto the table"
~ dump the asparagus stuff from the fry pan into a nice serving dish and ... to the table.

Step eight:
~ sit your ass down and enjoy!!! Fork squish the potatoes, butter and pepper... yum... The chicken is delish no mater what you do and the asparagus is garlic heaven.

Smart cooks clean each pot as you dump food from it... only takes a second and you'll thank yourself later... :D

K ... so somebody make this and tell me how it goes...

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