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Well the problem with quitting smoking has - at least the last couple of times - been that I would just get high all the time (well, at night) and I would eventually get mad at myself for burning through so much stash and start smoking again.

So, this time - the big "things will be different" version of "this time" - I'm purposely all out (of toots) and not replacing it. so I'm in for a double kick in the head... no tobacco, no tokes. I figure I'll try to lay off the other for a month and see if there are any dead bodies.

I lost about 40 minutes of work on a report today due to a MS Word crash on my freak'en NT Server for desktop and everybody just got up and walked away from me... sort of a "look out... he's gonna blow" thing.

Particularly cool moment was when all the guys on my team came individually to my desk at like 3:00 to ask if they could do anything to make the day easier for me... I have them back in the office (from client sites) on Friday afternoons engaging in beer and playing Unreal Tournament (got them all awesome video cards just for that!!!) on our office network and they were asking me if they could do my work for me!!! These are good guys! period!

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