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morning homies...

Hey... it's a wonderful day in my.... well, actually, it's kinda gray and blustery out, and I (we) slept in horribly late... We both woke up at 7:55... Now, we went to bed at almost 3:00 so it serves us right. Somewhere close to 2:00 it occurred to us that we're both relatively healthy. I mean, it's been what? two months since this has been the case... I guess we got carrie'd away.

~ um... white...
~ brand spanking new gray ftls... (had to get the word spank'en in there...)
~ jeans... blue jeans. (shaken, not stirred)
~ maroon T and a company logo denim shirt.
~ It's friday... a little corto werk-cam action today...
~ more reading about this new product suite I'm delivering services with...
~ making nice with some clients at some point...
~ writing the S4 update.... (holy sushi batman)
~ on paying more attention to foot size in real life for a bit...
~ I - as a rule - went to bed earlier...
~ I'm still wishing I'd find a door into summer... It was supposed to be nice today... it's cold and gray...
~ that my friend (my marvelous friend) sandcat is starting to feel a little better.
~ a great and glorious day wraps around my friend khisanth (mostly 'cause she so damn talented I wanted to hand her a little sugar…)
~ you could check out the faces community… every single day I am filled with awe at the faces that slip past my world through that window. (i.e. see anatha from earlier today)… :D

One last note… a special heart felt "hey" to my friend drsuessrox… She's a little family (grandpa) thing going on and hope she can get some good vibes from her friends… (and my friends, send her a "hey" yerself). She's all sneaking up on having her baby soon and I just bet this is a kinda hard time for dealing with life's unavoidable end-games. Peace in your heart Maggie.

Later skaters…
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