Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

oh lord...

I'm listening to WOLF FM ... shoutcast on Winamp...

70's and 80's music...

AND I'm listening to the club mix of "The Saftey Dance" (men without hats)... I am rocketing back to a buddies basement in highschool... getting high at lunch before we jet back to school... I can see a bottle of RC cola on this very specific coffee table...

oh man... This song played at the wedding... the first wedding of a friend... he got married kinda young... Pat Lowen was his name... I remember the big BIG guest wedding photo... I convinced every single person in the crew (except the bride) to expose their bellibutton for the picture... (bridesmaids with their dresses sorta pulled up... tuxedos/cumberbuns pulled aside...)

Very Santana'esque... (do you know that reference?? Kym does... I'm sure....)

Ok, songs over... back to work.

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