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Quick edit: grrrr I got this great pic today... but I blew it by not changing the chillcam event back to normal ... so the pic is currently being overwriten every 7 seconds by an updated pic from my front yard... hence.. today my morning is a reprint from December... and it's the same sweater I'm wearing today...

Geez, I had a good sleep last night. Other than the lady with the music blasting from her head-phones squished in beside me on the bus... things couldn't be better.
I got the cutest valentine from misspriss last night... all homemade and adorable... thank you sugar.
Have you downloaded the latest "beta" version (v.3) of winamp? wow. No really.

~ black ftl's
~ dk blue cotton cargos.... and, btw, they're really starting to piss me off with the never-ending, unavoidable static thing...
~ p-z dk blue T and the monster sweater...
~ well... it's a Survivor night.... and I'm pretty damn happy about that.
~ our company didn't win the long term contract that I was hoping to go on, so I'm back to short projects... which are gonna keep me hopping all day today.
~ to attack ticket master first thing when I get to the office...I'm going to Garbage in Toronto in April. Z and I are - so far - planning to go by train and stay for a night and a bit.
~ I could package my mood and store it for a rainy day or maybe send a little your way... it really couldn't hurt to feel the way I do for a bit...

I have a lot to do tonight... I'm little mr. project man with my computer... all made possible by the recent upgrade and, more importantly, because things have been so good in my little family zone lately it's been possible to get to things that sorta, otherwise go unattended.

Ok... gotta go... have a great day.

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