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time for sleep...

tonight we baked cookies... and we ate most of 'em watching West Wing...

There is soooo going to be a story in the paper tomorrow about how they played the national (Canadian) anthem in this episode of WW... and they cracked some truly good Canada jokes... spurred on by liquored up women... it was classic and it was more than adequate payback for messing up that border issue several episodes ago (the bit where they claimed someone crossed the border from Canada into some state that - as it turns out - does not actually border Canada).

I love that show... it is just so well written and so well presented. ok, sorry, I get carrie'd away sometimes...

G'night Lj... a fantastic day is officially under my belt and I am ready for another one tomorrow...

oh .. oh... I figured out that windows media encoder deal... making little movie-lettes does not look so bad... to bad my Video Wave software doesn't dig the encoder file format... but I also managed to get somewhere with understanding VW tonight as well...

um,... anybody wanna burn me a copy of a photoshop that's newer than the 5.1 version I have here? I know I know... "not a real green dress, that's cruel."
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