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Morn'en lj...

Holy muthu... it's freaking cold outside... no, I mean it's really freezing cold!!! Please let me find a door into summer....

I'm looking at headlines from today's paper, all the strike / counter strikes crap going on in Israel... Here's a little Byzantine history for you... back in the 12th century, when Innocence the 3rd was wearing the big dumb pope hat, the third inquisition was being waged. This "love my way or die by my sword" party was fought by the soldiers of Christendom motivated by nothing but greed - as opposed to any pious belief that the word of god needed spreading. History recounts that when the armies of god, led by Knights ostensibly on their "quests for the holy grail" (this was how their pilgrimages to the holy land were described - all knights existed to make this quest), they encountered the Arab world. What they found there was, unquestionably, a "superior culture and a more advanced civilization."*
Bottom line: A lot changes in 800 years...

~ black ftls
~ dk gray / blue dress pants - cuffed.
~ tommy H dress shirt, w/ mickey mouse tie
~ p-z v-neck sweater.
~ to read a bunch of lit on "Mercury Testing Tools"
~ to visit a new client at 10:00 (edit: meeting postponed till afternoon)
~ clear up some old finance documents...
~ time sheet hell.
~ I was somewhere warm... like maybe LA... on a patio... drinking a drink that required shaking and pouring over ice...
~ for some good vibes to sneak up on fairiedust66.
~ that stephy_banana has a good trip... and that the landing strip says booger free...

* k, if you're a historian and you see some errors here... go buy a pencil and sharpen it.

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