Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


K... a little TMI to start yer afternoon...
I spent the last 12 hours with a pain in the left side of my head like you can't believe... a sinus thing... just a freakin rock o'snot blocking my head... my freak'en teeth were hurting from it...

Soooo after a great sleep in, a super hot shower and a cup of coffee... RELEASE... hahaha... I honked a lougie the size of the empire state building out... I swear to god my head actually feels lighter. :D

I was wrong the other night... the b-day party that Geo was going to was not Saturday... it's today... So the little guy in that pic (George) is way over-the-top keyed up about going to a party... lunch at McDeath, then to the movie theater to see the new Peter Pan movie and back to a friends house for cake and prezzies... Bottom line? We have only one little goober from now till 4:00... yea. I think I'll end up on some kind of shopping extravaganza with Z and Ed.

~ gray ftl's
~ gray T, khaki pants
~ comfy white sox...
~ to go to my out-laws house for a family affair... for dinner...
~ no other real plans today... yea.
~ to say thanks to a couple of LJ friends for being so sweet ...
... um, that would be moonmama and nordicgrrl... (me = big smiles)

k... I gotta go be dad... later skaters...
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