Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


You know that towel?
The big fluffy one... I think they call it a bath sheet...
Any hoooo... the thing is after bath time tonight... lil'Ed, who's just not been the happiest pee in the pod lately - getting over a bit of flu and bunch of cold - is all a-shiver as he steps out of the bath.

I wrap him in the fluffy, warm, comfy giant towel... wrap all the way round almost twice... and tuck it behind his head. I use another towel to dry his perfect, thin blonde hair... Then it's down the hall to get his pj's on in his room.

As little mummy boi walks down the hall in this towel, he all sniffley with a stuffed nose and just as his head goes back in a big "snnnniffff", he steps on the leading corner of the towel wrapped around him. His arms are locked inside this thing... he just goes down with a solid and wrong sounding bonk, head first into the carpet.

Fortunately he turned his head...
Fortunately a few minutes of gentle rocking snuggles on my lap helped...

But sheesh... just... bonk! ouch!

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