Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yea... ok

So this is bed head boy...

I woke up with a boom boom boom head ache today... a little advil and some food later... it feels a wee bit better.

~ red fleece pull over...
~ sweat pants...
~ well ... adrienned is nowhere to be found... so some plans are out the window... :D
~ to take my computer apart... this, of course, will bring down the cam for a while...
~ to put the computer back together again... much like humpty dumpty meets the bionic man...
we can rebuild it... stronger... faster...
~ someone would come and take my kids for a week... just a week off being a parent would be sweet.

I understand that it's important to use filters properly for many people... myself included... sometimes I post big goofy messages to specific friends and filter it so only they see it... sometimes I post about my work as an international man of mystery... you know... spy guy with a license to spill things and all that... and - of course - I have to filter that to protect the innocent... but when I look at a friends journal, a really good friend, and see that almost two months have gone by since the last time he or she has posted anything I've been filtered IN on ... yet they have posted plenty (see calendar view for the number of posts per day)... then I wonder why the hell I'm on their list... bah on you...
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