Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

Oh boy oh boy... the Miss USA Pagent is on tonight... I won't watch it, but wohoo... it's on. I mean if they'd just bite the bullet and prance the girl out in a body hugg'en one piece, announce that we will never hear their voices and have 'em twirl for a bit... sure. But the whole "I'm gonna be a brian surgeon in Somalia" thing just gets thin... I mean, it's a beauty contest... admit it and run with it for chrisssake. :D

~ um, it's a friday... pick pick...
~ er, it's cold too, gray ftl's
~ blue jeans,
~ point-zero long sleeve blue shirt...
~ hey... contract is over... new contract around the corner, I'm going corto-werk cam while I have the chance.
~ writing... tippidy-tappidy... writing... a Survivor 4 "wet, wild and boobies" update.
~ meeting with people about "Mercury tools" at work... actual work? grrrr
~ I'd get past this cough... talk about yer mating call of the sick and downtrodden.
~ to send out a few really big hugs...
~ my friend flyawayfree, lil miss super pookey, could use some kind words. She's ok... she'll be great... but there's no denying, a fight to get your kids is something that deserves the support of friends. Some of you can really relate... drop her a "hey!".
~ another friend, ebean... who looks adorable as all get out in those pics today... she's doing a great job of not exploding! The ex-monster zone is particularly hard lately... I'd do details, but ... just know that good people deserve good vibes, ya know?
~ who knows what a little debby is? well my lil'debby and her dude could use a wee bit of those vibes too... it's definitely going to be all-good sugar. It'll just take a bit...

Did somebody say distraction? yea... k. Later... :D

(ps. yo! good poken yesterday... them's some good pokes y'all)

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