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Ok, so today is most likely gonna suck a little harder than yesterday. Go ahead. Suck away!!!! Worst thing that can happen is I'll grab somebody at random in the office and hold their upper torso inside a file cabinet drawer and do a little ragging bull thing slamming the drawer... and that's not so bad ... is it? All this gets excused 'cause I'm gonna NOT SMOKE.
I remember putting my first goofy posts up on LJ... This was in July... wow has it only been a few months? it feels like forever. Ok, so any ways, one of my earliest 'friends' on lj was this totally cool gurl .... I found her when I was surfing the journals looking for people from Canada... Keeping up with lesslyn has been a real treat. She really has been great about putting it out there - you know, honest journal entries. She's got a pout on (for unexplained reasons!) and that won't do!!
Besides being such a looker, lil'less know about cool things... she even know's liquid people!! No, that's not part of a sci-fi movie, that's real life... She's even practicing to be a liquid girl! For this she has my unending support and best wishes... Hopefully that does not mean she has to wear rubber or otherwise water-proof clothing... although a little pvc can make interesting, let alone stimulating, clothing options. Less knows far to much about grave stones and grave yards! No, there are no fetishes at play (at least, I don't think so...?) The grave yard thing is a function of her Anthropology courses... Bottom line: Less you are awesome! and I never forget about you... you goof.

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