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Morn'en Lj...

wella wella wella... k, so it's the drugs talking... but I'm feeling a little better. Big ginormous grapefruit for breaki didn't hurt. It's a survivor night... I'm looking forward to this... but best of all, I'm looking forward to spending a week at my regular office... starting tomorrow!!! Finally, a relatively normal friday! :D

Do you watch West Wing? I have a tape for luker (at work tomorrow) Did you love the stunned look on Sams face when Bartlet blew his freaking mind at the end there?

~ dk blue cotton cargos... velco gets kinda "used"... I hate that.
~ the orange stripe p-z shirt, and a v-neck sweater...
~ to continue hating wordperfect... as I mess with giant tables and try and make them format into a bigger doc...
~ um, watch Survivor, of course...
~ I could reach out and make some of my friends hurts go away... I really do. So many of you are so amazingly special to me that it just rips at me to see your pain. Fortunately, most of the time the calendar will step up to the plate and heal what hurts. In the mean time, you can always count on me to hang in there with you.
~ I had a normal seat on this freaking buss.... shirt, sweater, scarf, big coat, squished on either side and the sun beating down through the window... I'm about 125 degrees... hmmm... think I'll have a sip of my coffee.
~ hey rini... remember to buy stamps!!!
~ bloojanuary... I hope you feel better sugar...

Two things;
~ I just love the faces community... this is so completely up my ally... seeing the faces of strangers and being able to surf into their thoughts if only for a moment. :D
~ gravity never ever ceases to boggle my mind with his pictures... besides the self portraits that make me think he should be a print media model the still lifes are just beautiful.

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