Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... still sick but I have good drugs... Allegra-D and Tylonal Extra Strength Night Time Cold caps... Z is crawling back from oblivion... but forget all that for a minute...

After work I went and bought my birthday present...

This baby is a MSI K/266Pro2 DDR RAM only!! 266 fsb!!!
It has 256 megs of DDR RAM and a 1.53 ghz AMD XP Processor.

This gets installed on the weekend. (giggle)


When I got home from work I packed up the kids and headed to Market Fresh.!!!

I now have; (no really)
~ a pineapple
~ a bunch of Kew-wee
~ some tangerines (fuckin pits!)
~ a dozen of three types of apples
~ Watermelon (my kids go wanky for this stuff)
~ a cantaloupe
~ some pears
~ some little navel oranges
~ half dozen indian river red grapefruits...

I am on a serious fruit craving...

You know debby had a thought there... I can't stand the smell of coffee, my tummy is always doing back flips, I have a wild craving for fruit... and I haven't had a period for 40 years... I must be pregnant! :D

ps. West Wing finishes taping in t-minus 32 minutes... :D
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