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Ok, so I'm not in bed yet.. sue me. I just went to my profile page and clicked the 'more info' bit to see my 'graph of friends'. I haven't done that for a while. Besides being a 'hey your zaphod bebblebrox - the Center of the Universe' head fuck, it's kinda cool to see the relationships between your friends AND to be reminded of the links that don't exist.

Like, lianna doesn't even know who nbbmom or krussell are and they don't know who bourbonstreet is! Yet, in my head your all friends of each other ... I know I'm not explaining this well, but it really is one of the top three things about LJ that I love - the complete head game that exists in the complex concept of linked friends here.

I remain desperately pleased to know all of you.

ps. you know when you check friends on your little lj widget and see a new little red arrow. Besides that making me INSTANTLY excited, it is another of the top three things I love about lj - that feeling you have while you go out and try to figure where this person came from... where's the link? then you read that person (or at least some...) and decide to have a new friend... it's really a big bonus in my life to exp that (yes I know, I am a complete goof) Any ways, I just wanted to say hi to lizvang ... so "Hi Liz" theres a lot to like about you so I do! (I was gonna say stuff 'bout the frames (like em) and the just liz site (like'd it) but decided against going in to all that detail here and would you know just say 'theres a lot to like...' - see that'd be much shorter and easier to type).
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