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Survivor 4 Primer...

Ladies and gentlemen... start your engines... prepare to be break out the popcorn and pop... 'cause human suffering is once again on the menu...

I give you the two tribes... (sing it Frankie)


So I ask you... if you're gonna be shipwrecked...
and you get to bring a luxury item...
what would you bring?
Perhaps a little cologne?????
or maybe a book of poetry that YOU wrote...

Here are the luxury items that the kids destined from camp Maraamu brought... (and way to go Rob and Sarah for ACTUALLY HAVING A BRAIN.)

Gina adventure bag
Hunter Gramps Navy Wings
Patricia Locket of Arabian's Tail
Peter Cologne
Rob Football
Sarah Pillow
Sean Bible
Vecepia Notebook of poetry

Now for the other guys... destined to burn in the hell fires of dante's 7th level... 'cause they got a voodoo practicing Limo Driver in their midst.... (sheeeesh!)

Team Rotu

Gabriel Teddy Bear
John Massage Oils
Kathy Canvas and Paints
Neleh Scriptures
Paschal American Flag
Robert Voodoo doll
Tammy Picture of Fiance and dog
Zoe Necklace

Look at John go... "massage oils" ... buddy wants to get lucky... maybe Neleh can read 'em scriptures while he oils her up...


Tammy (rotu) will flame out...
Vecepia (maraamu) will be drown by her fellow clans men... then they'll burn the book of poetry.

PS> what is "Arabian's Tail" and why would a locket of it be of any use to anyone?

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