Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


last milligrams of energy directed towards getting some work done... formatting tables for "work" project. This flu thing just keeps holding my ass in a twist and my guts in a knot.

Funny this... I have "almost" no taste buds. Most stuff just tastes like paper... except fruit. I've been powering back fruit and fruit juice for a couple of days... billijean's post today ... with the picture of the fruit stand in her kitchen... has me salivating...

Any ways... back to work...

oh... quick... say a prayer for my friend nbbmom that her flu bug jumps ship and lets her off easy... single mom's with butt lazy ex's that won't help need all the good vibes they can get... (and besides, this is Kym we're talking about... smooochable Kym!)
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