Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Saturday... kinda typical I guess...

At one point this morning I come back from the washroom to see the kids watching the movie I popped in for them to chill with while I convinced myself I was awake. A quick look around... Geo? Laying prone on the couch in his pjs hugging his teddy bear... TV? Still on an functioning properly... Ed? Naked as a jay bird, standing on a sofa, hands and face covered COVERED in blood....????? Seems he has a big bleed'en bloody nose and really hadn't noticed... just kept rubbing his face on his arms etc. Gag!

Ok, cleaned that up... I'm trying to get winterized so I can go rescue my newspaper from the front yard, boots, big coat, mits ... "DAD!!!" Geo is hollering for me... so I un-winterize... march back to the family room... reminding him that I'd rather he NOT YELL, but come and find me!!! I get there and ask him "What? what's the big deal?" "Um, Dad... when you get back in can you come and see me so I can ask you about what we're having for lunch?".... Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

ok... Cookies just came out of the oven and now I'm heading for the shower...

peace out my little lj cookies... :D
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