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So, it's 10:30 and, of course, I want to go for a smoke *(as I torture myself with elastic bands all over the place) but instead I think I will eat an entire black forest cake.
Ok, so I'm just kidding... I'd puke up food from last month if i tried that!
Back to work.

Mini Rant: (and this is so not gonna make any sense to you know-nothing-about-Canadian-politics-yanks) Would somebody please gather up the NDP and Conservative parties in total and whisk them away to fucking Peru (where just happens to exist the most extensive bio-diversity on the planet!!). These people serve no purpose what so ever - except to split the votes away from the real contenders... Oh ok, you can include the freak's in the Block as well with the Peruvian delegation. This does not mean I am Lib or Alliance... christ, there all completely nuts... but this is very much a "would somebody tell a joke" or and "ABC" (anybody but chretien) election. We need change in Canada and change at the top!!! Joe, get your hands out of your pockets Clark did great (apparently - all I saw was him bashing the other guys) in the debates but all that does is take votes away from the alliance... Alexis? hello is Alexis there? Who? Alexis! Who... The useless pleebs in the NDP federal party may get like about 8 % of the vote (woa .. a prediction) but that 8% would be better spent deciding between the only two actual contenders for the trophy. Canadian politics suck, but only because Canadian politicians suck.... I got my BA etc. in Poli Sci (Carleton University) and I was sooo bummed by Canadian federalism that I did my Thesis on "The Politics of Influence in the United States - subtitle So, did you know that the Political Action Committee funded by the people that bring you weak beer is called The SixPac"

(ok, all done for now.)

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