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So I got a lava lamp... I unwrapped a "sparkly lamp" which wasn't really to my tastes... it's in the kids room now... but Z came home with an actual Lava "blob" lamp last night... Did you know you can get one of these at wallyland for like $7!!

k back from the fantasy... in so far as yesterday was fantastic... My poor little demon, George, is really having a hard time of it. He ran a very high fever all night... I was dabbing at him with a damp cloth at 5:am... This is a clue: If your kids are still passing a stomach flu back and forth... don't invite my kid over to play with the one that's just getting better. After calling the mom of a friend Geo spent some time with on Sunday - to tell her of Geo's symptoms so she can be on the look out - she tells me of her kids battle with the same flu. Sorry but "ya dumbass!"

Small commentary on FTL's: Guys are notorious for wearing the same underwear over and over... let alone refusing to toss older pairs... Well, once yer past the whole "let the boiz swing free... makes more sperm" part of life, I gotta tell ya, there is nothing like new or fresh washed relatively new, snug boxers. Nothing compares.
~ gray ftl's...
~ dk gray/blue dress pants... just back from the dry cleaners... :D
~ mock neck (mock mock) blue shirt...
~ dk blue v-neck sweater (with the suede shoulders)
~ to buy a new bottle of D&G "homme"... I finally finished (today!) the bottle I bought last year.
~ to ferret out birthday wishes I may have missed yesterday... :D I honestly tried to reply to all of them and if I missed you... gimmi a bit to find it... :D
~ to phone an ex bostonian today...
~ to tell you straight up that I felt really great about all those b-day wishes and the wonderful e-cards and snail-mail cards and little gifties... ya just blew me away with all that. :D
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