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3 time...

Three quick things:

~ it's officially past 10:pm and my throat is not sore... it's been weeks since I could say that... I'm thinking love does cure almost everything....

~ it was just "delightful"* to watch Alisa Camplin react after nailing her aerial (New Zealand? Australia? not sure...) but she was rather underdogish and jumped to 1st... I've no idea if she gets to hold that place, but from her unashamed joy one thinks it hardly matters.

~ it's 10:34 (corto time) and I just came back from Ed's room. Heard another shuffle shuffle. He's standing there, in the middle of his room (he shares a room with Geo), holding a damp face cloth. "I'm just folding this ok?" And he proceeds to kneel down and fold this cloth. As he puts it back on Geo's bedside table I survey the room... glowing slightly from the two night lights. Ed's removed his pillow case and loaded it with all the books in their room... like 45 books... and has it half pushed under a dresser, his covers are off his bed and pushed under the bed... No idea what he's up to, but he's been busy. I had to put him in bed then turn the quilt sideways and tuck it under both sides of the bed tight... sorta like a big comfy belt!. :D

* yea I know, I said delightful... sue me...

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