Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Morn'en Lj...

Coming to you live from the crack of dawn! (yea, I wish...), ok... so thats pretty overt huh... sorry :)
Today is my day to express my admiration and appreciation for a long time lj friend cablondi... Do you know her? Post a note about her today, or maybe give me a reply with something... viva la blondi!!

It's the day after BPD (big pink day)... I hope you all survived. Our buffet has a couple of boxes of chocolates "on deck" now, waiting for us to be healthy and have taste buds again... What better way to celebrate Pink Day than watching the demise of several relationships on TI2.

~ um, it's friday... black.
~ it's cold... gray ftl's too.
~ it's friday... so denim, denim everywhere...
~ blue jeans, jean shirt (company logo) and a 3WV t-shirt (god I miss listening to nbbmom
~ another friday post a bit later...
~ I have a ton of work to do...
~ on checking my mail constantly... (hi kristy!)
~ that I knew how my friend indianasweetie was doing... (noting that I spelled it right for a change!)
~ that my pal, Kathleen... get's exactly what she wants.. and soon!!!
~ that I feel healthy enough to enjoy by b-day dinner tomorrow night. :D

Did you watch Temptation Island last night... how priceless was that? I think my fav line from the show was "Yea, but at least the stuff I did was in public!"... as his girlfriend points out that she watched video of him as a chichita shoved her bikini clad crotch into his face during a drunken dance party... Of course, I wouldn't want to overshadow the amazing Edmundo - he can speak and say nothing, and Catherine. She has a hell of a porno face... looks like she should be covered in ... um, no never mind. But those two totally deserve each other... although the epilog notes seem to say they broke up (thankfully they will not be bearing children). Edmundo quote: "I love you and want to work on our issues, and I want to explore Lynda." Oh, and the late comers, the couple that was added half way through... he professes his love and devotion in time to hear her blow him off hard. Poor bastard.

Have a grrrreat Friday.... :D
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