Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lj Birthday Babies...

Well he's not so much a baby any more...

Happy Birthday Jerry

ummm.. .I mean sirclick ... for now!

Look, let me just say Happy Birthday and that I hope you plow through the jungle of junk that is cluttering up would should otherwise be a deservedly peaceful and happy existence... You have really presented a great deal about yourself here in lala (lj) land and I think that what I see is pretty damn good. you're a good man charlie brown!! (and take more pictures!)

This is a man (getting older now... ortho shoes on the horizon) that I met in lj land 'cause I saw a post about how he was playing nintendo with his son "and the cam is on"... a real dad of a guy...

Then there was sept 11... I know a lot of my friends are people I have met since sept 11 but some of you will remember the incredible experience of Jerry's up to the minute posts that day... and someday the journal that they are in will resurface. They were a more timely and useful source of information than many people were able to get anywhere else on the net. Those entries frame a significant part of my memories of that fateful day. When I am 300 years old and someone say's "where were you on Sept 11, 2001... I'll remember Jerry's journal.

Any ways... all that and more... to say nothing of the kind of metal he wears as he tackles the challenges that stand between him and his son, or the love of his main squeeze (the remarkable misspriss)... inspires great sincerity for my wishes that you have a wonderful and successful next year of your life!!

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Jerry... Happy Birthday to you...

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