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See that? That happy looken face... ha! what a sham. I'm on the edge of getting sick, hard. There's a demon living along the left side of the inside of my throat. You know the one... every time I swallow, I kinda wince as the demon bites me.

Of course, after taking care of things at the homestead while Z was down for the count (she's on the mend, btw) I can look forward to some tlc.... K, let me choke back the laughter... Oh and this (the cold) may be in full glorious swing in time for my b-day dinner... this Saturday... aww the joy.

Lot's of controversy with the scoring of that skate last night eh... this always happens. Every Olympics. I love to watch these sports, but I have no illusions about the IOC, the Olympics or "amature" sport in general. It's all a steaming sess pool of corruption, influence peddling, favouritism and graft.

~ sort black, sorta treacle (there's that word again) jeans... 'cept they're all soft, sorta brushed...
~ big giant turtle neck
~ to huddle at my client site cubicle and punt away at the documentation for these flow charts...
~ this is kind of a wish and a plan... but wolfiegirl had her radio show last, night... so I'm hoping for Mp3's... (love that show).
~ to send a big Hola out to a new friend catherine... Hey Cath? how many weeks preg are you?
~ and to send a few words of encouragement to hazeleyedgal_25 for her "cards" project. She's making a deck of playing cards and using lj friends in the cards... so far they look freaking fantastic.... I want a deck of these when their done.

I have a whiny thing going on, so to fight that I'm gonna remember the end of my work day yesterday... after a crummy day of feeling yuck and working way too much (well, for me - king of procrastination) I was basically down. A short convo with an lj bud and wow... no really! It's so great to be able to climb onto a could on the strength of a friends kind words.

Have a great day would ya... :D
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