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ola LJ. I'm a little hyper today... I feel as though I'm on a little extra juice or something. I had a blast last night and I include in the list of things were 'blast-influencing' my review of lj... You know there is a lot of shit going on in LJ land...

I have a wicked hard day going on so I prol'y shouldn't be writing in my journal so... ah phukit.

"Looking For Alibrandi" anybody seen this movie? I'm listening to tunes from the soundtrack...

Hey, Ames... I didn't get a chance to download tunes from your recommendation yesterday... I'll get there tonight...

Tonight: Yea. Dark Angel ... I finally saw some of this show and I think it was the premier (2 hours) ... looks like a fun show...

Mini Rant: You know whats wrong with kids today? I'll tell ya! Parents. Parents that bring their shit home from work and lay it on their kids, parents that can't handle their own looser lifestyles and take that out on their kids... Parents that are so wrapped up in not understanding their kids that they figure they should FORCE their kids to be like they were when they were kids... yea like that's gonna work. I've lit up neurons that haven't fired for a while by paying attention to a few friends here in LJ land and I gotta say that kids (and don't get your shorts in a bunch over the "kids" handle - that's just in contrast to 40 year olds....) have had to handle a lot more shit today than in any of the last few generations - thanks primarily to the 'information explosion'. When the revolution comes there's gonna be no shortage of revolutionaries sick and tired of the older generation being so totally fucked in the head. I'm - of course - super generalizing but just look around... we lay a lot on kids today and expect them to just handle it. I don't have answers (hey this is my Rant!!!) but I'd love to debate the issues...

Sorry, but that had to come out.

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