Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Hiya lj... been read'en and post'en all night long. I have some pretty neat people on my friends list. Sometimes I think I've figured out how what it would feel like to live in a novel... you know how when you read a great book and you really get into the characters - and it's kind of a drag when the book ends. You miss them. Somehow, lj feels kind of like a living novel - made all the more rewarding because you're all actually out there.

I'm - for the very first time in LJ - genuinely concerned about the well being of a LJ friend. Ms. Luna (fireflieslie)... I hope your ok. I don't know what to say... I'm sending little hopeful angels your way.

I'm eating a Cherry Blossom. yum! Man these things have got small over the years... and no, my hands did not grow so much that it just looks smaller. It's still dam messy when you get to that point of no return when you just have to shove the rest of it in your mouth or there's going to be sticky cherry juice all over the place.

I read an interesting thread tonight... it mentions napster and bemoans the plight of the artists and their lost earnings. Bah! did you know that a 4 person band that sells a million copies of their album in a year will yield about 45K per person before taxes. The record company behind that album - you know, the guys that did not write the music or perform the music - own all the copy rites and will make about 6 million off that same album. The artists make more money off the sale of an official t-shirt at a concert than they do from selling the ticket to the show or a copy of the CD? CD sales have gone up - not down - since the proliferation of mp3 music distributions... case in point: I nailed down an entire dido album the other night - even made wave files and pressed a cd... now I will go out and by the other cd's by this incredible artist and will certainly go to a show if one ever turns up. Without mp3's I'd have never been exposed to dido... let alone poe. None of this is meant to dispel the arguments regarding copy write infringement via napster - that's another rant all together (take a look at who is funding the most recent project by the dude that brought you napster).

Anyways... nuf said.

ps. jen - you gonna resize that big hair shot and post it as a LJ head shot? 100x100 pixels!

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